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Baseball Cap with Chili Symbol

Baseball Cap with Chili Symbol

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Explore our collection: Baseball Cap with unique chili motif, the classic cap style, best cap option tailored for men, boys, and women. Just one among many of our nice cap designs to suit every preference!


Introducing our Flexfit Cap: the only hat that's been scientifically proven to increase your cool factor by at least 63% - the exact same percentage of polyester it's made from. Coincidence? We think not.

Crafted from a blend of 63% polyester, 34% cotton, and 3% spandex twill, this cap is the perfect mix of comfort, style, and just a hint of stretchiness. It's like the yoga pants of hats, but without the awkward looks when you wear it to the grocery store.

With a structured, 6-panel, mid-profile design, it's got the athletic shape to make you look like you're about to hit a home run, even if your idea of sports is a heated game of Scrabble. The low-profile embroidery area is adorned with our unique, pre-made designs, inspired by various themes and festivities. It's like wearing your personality on your forehead.

The 6 embroidered eyelets aren't just for show - they're your personal air conditioning system. And the silver undervisor? That's like the secret agent of hat parts, reflecting the sun's rays away from your eyes in a stealthy fashion.

Our Flexfit Cap comes in two sizes, with a stretch band that makes it a snug fit for head circumferences from 22”–23⅞” (55.9 cm–60.6 cm). If you've never measured your head before, now's the time. It's a great party trick.

Sourced from either Vietnam or Bangladesh, each cap arrives with a design that's as unique as you are. But remember, like a fine wine or a good cheese, perfection takes time. Your cap will be made exclusively for you, which might mean a slight delay in delivery. But hey, Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is a top-notch cap.

By choosing this product, you're not just getting a great hat. You're also supporting sustainable practices and reducing waste. So give yourself a pat on the back, and maybe a taco. You've earned it. Thanks for choosing our product and for being a part of our commitment to sustainability. Now, go forth and rock that cap!


• 63% Polyester
• 34% Cotton
• 3% Spandex


Shipping/Expedition times for our custom-crafted products vary based on domestic and international locations, as detailed in our [Shipping Policy]. We offer a range of shipping options from the USA, Canada, and Europe to cater to your delivery needs. Please refer to our Shipping Policy for a comprehensive understanding of the delivery timelines and options available.


Please note that all our products are custom crafted upon order. As such, we do not offer returns or refunds unless an item arrives misprinted, damaged, or defective, as detailed in our [Refund Policy].

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